About REV


Ruwayha Tourism Village - REV, is a privately owned - Ruwayha family - Tourism and Business Village-Complex located in heart of Al-Matin mountains - known as Valley Lamartine: "Hammana Valley is one of the most beautiful prospects ever presented to the human eye to scan in the works of God" (Lamartine) - REV is at a distance of (23) Km from Beirut, with easy access from all direction and extensive parking space.

Amongst REV facilities & attractions:

-Splash Swimming Pool
-REV Outdoor Venue
-REV Furnished Apartments
-Chez Hoda Restaurant
-REV Mini Zoo
-REV Lebanese Diaspora Camping
-Al-Jabal Festival
-REV's 2015 1st Middle East Annual Business- Eco-Tourism Renewable Energies Exhibition - MEABETREE. Thursday, August 7th - Thursday August 14th, 2015
-REV Artificial Lake
-REV Amphitheater
-REV Arab Senior Citizen Retirement Village ASCRV