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General Information regarding REV:

Ruwayha Eco Village - REV, is a privately owned Tourism and Business Project in Mount Lebanon.

REV engulfs a total of over 72 000 square meters of land, composed of two 'Parcels':

1."Upper Parcel": composed of 35 000 square meters of land [Click for info]

2. "Lower Parcel": composed of 37 000 square meters of land [Click for info]

REV "Lower Parcel", with 12 years of working experience, represents until now an investment of over 20 000 000 USD.

REV final total investment for both "Upper & Lower Parcels" will exceed 200 000 000 USD.

REV is strategically well placed. Adjacently, in a radiance of 15 km around it, 100 000 families, basically from Arab Gulf countries, have either purchased or built their summer residences and palaces.

REV General BOT Details, Specifications & Conditions [Click for info]