REV General BOT Details, Specifications & Conditions

Ruwayha Eco Village - REV, with a total of over 72 000 square meters of land, is composed of two Parcels:

A. Upper Parcel: 35 000 sq. m. of land.

B. Lower Parcel: 37 000 sq. m. of land.

REV, with 12 years of working experience, represents until now, in Lower Parcel, an investment of over 20 000 000 USD.

REV final total investment, concerning both Parcels, will ultimately exceed 200 000 000 USD. Unequivocally, REV is plausibly connected with excellence, unique and avant-garde entrepreneurial projects.

Noteworthy, REV Upper Parcel "Senior Citizen Retirement Village" ASCRV - BOT attest to quality, power to elicit belief, credibility, validity and gives rise and birth to above statement.

To view REV "Senior Citizen Retirement Village" ASCRV - BOT: Click here

In a radiance of only 15 Km, around REV, over 100 000 families, basically from Arab Gulf countries, have either bought or built their own summer residencies & Palaces.

Lebanon, in comparison to other Middle Eastern and European countries, offers a haven of political security, economic stability and long term investment opportunity.

REV General BOT Details, Specifications & Conditions:

REV is not soliciting any BOT partner or party that will only assure financial participation.

Our prime target and quest is to engage and interlink with Professional and experienced ‘BOT-Partner(s)’ in order to peruse and continue realizing and running REV different Project.

Past and present Tourism projects in Lebanon have been a result of a carbon copy imitation of other ventures whereby all too often investors got lost in guilt by association, rather than being properly associated with long-term productive and profitable projects. REV’s past twenty years growing platoon of accomplishments attests to a growing credible positive trend.


Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha - REV owner