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Upper Parcel

REV is located in Lamartine Valley / Hammana

REV "Lower Parcel"

REV "Lower Parcel" & "Upper Parcel"

1."Upper Parcel":

REV - General Information:

Generally, ecotourism deals with living parts of the natural environments; the term is most commonly used to describe any recreation in natural surroundings. Worldwide, tourism generates annual revenues of nearly 3 trillion dollars and contributes nearly 11% of the global GNP (Gross National Product), making it the world's largest industry.

In 2007 the World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimated nature tourism generated 11 per cent of all international travel expenditure. Eco-tourists are articulate, assertive and well educated. They demand quality experiences.

Ruwayha Eco Village - REV is a privately owned Tourism and Business Project in Mount/Lebanon.

REV is located in Lamartine Valley / Hammana: "Hammana Valley is one of the most beautiful prospects ever presented to the human eye to scan in the works of God" (Alphonse De Lamartine) is at a distance of (27) Km from Beirut, with easy access from all directions.

REV engulfs a total of over 72 000 square meters of land, composed of two 'Parcels':

1."Upper Parcel": composed of 35 000 square meters of land, and
2. "Lower Parcel": composed of 37 000 square meters of land .

REV, with twelve years of working experience, represents until now an investment, only in the "Lower Parcel", of over twenty million (20 000 000) USD.

The final, total investment, for "both Parcels", will exceed two hundred million (200 000 000) USD.

In a radiance of only (15 Km) around REV over one hundred thousand (100 000) families, basically from Arab Gulf Countries, have either bought and/or built their own summer residencies & Palaces.

REV is not soliciting working with any party that will only assure financial participation; our prime target and quest is to engage with Professionals and experienced ‘BOT-Partner(s)’ - either the Partner and/or through Professional(s) in each required domain and field - in order to peruse and continue realizing and running REV's different Projects.

REV offers extensive parking space: over 500 parking places.

REV Arab Senior Citizen Retirement Village - ASCRV BOT:

ASCRV BOT is a 125.000.000 (one hundred and twenty five million) USD project.

ASCRV BOT is a unique "Five Star", plush and very exclusive, village complex that will accommodate part, or full time, wealthy Arab citizens. Such a Village does not exist in the Middle East.

Wealthy Arabs opted for countries like Spain, shying Lebanon for almost thirty years.

Today, Lebanon, in comparison to other Middle Eastern and European countries, offers a different and safe haven of political security, economic stability and long term investment opportunity.

ASCRV will accentuate on "Continuing Care Retirement Communities" (CCRCs), also known as "Life Care Communities", which allow seniors to "age in place," with flexible accommodations that are designed to meet their health and housing needs as these needs change over time. Seniors can be certain that their long-term care needs will be met without the need to relocate. Communities found in this category offer facilities and amenities which run the entire gamut of senior living communities: from active, independent living, through assisted living, and finally skilled medical and nursing care.

ASCRV will provide exclusive retirement individual Condominiums, a separate 400 sq. meters, with independent living units where you can get all the extra facilities and cares which you want but at an additional cost.

Health care and aged care for senior citizens will be assured through an, on the spot, specialized "Private Clinic" staffed with renowned experts in their fields.

ASCRV is a unique "Seven Stars", plush and very exclusive, "Senior Citizen Retirement Village Complex" Hermitage that will accommodate, part or full time, around only 200 privileged Senior-participants will be approved. Such a Village-Hermitage does not exist in Middle East. Seniors who choose to live at ASCRV can be certain that their long-term care needs will be met without need to relocate. Preliminary studies conclude that ASCRV requires an investment of 125 000 000 USD.

In conjunction to ASCRV, REV aims to raise a huge "Five-Stars-Hotel-Mall": with covered escalators, connecting both "Upper Parcel" & "Lower Parcel", and an underground parking for over 400 cars and.

REV's Commercial Helicopter Airport:

REV intends also to create a "Commercial Helicopter Airport" that will connect REV (ASCRV) to: Beirut International Airport, Baalbek, Tyre, Sidon, the Cedars and other Lebanese tourist sites and business areas.

REV is at a driving distance of 45 minutes from Beirut, Lebanon’s capital.


Four years ago I met with different Municipalities (Hammana and its surroundings) urging them to create, together, a "Ski-Resort-Village" extending from Dahr Al-Baider to Kafar Selwan where work started fifteen years ago.

Sooner or later, I firmly believe that this Project will be realized.

Required: A specialized conglomerate organization.

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