REV in Winter

REV is at elevation of around 1150 meters from sea level.

Snowflakes are a healthy God given winter gift spreading a majestic clean virgin white cover.

Clean, fresh cold air enriches your system and you feel the difference when you remember city smog and pollution.

One is also spiritually served: peace of mind, tranquility and calmness seems to bring time to a halt.

Winters at REV are Summers soul-partners: each we await with eagerness and happiness.

Do yourself a favor, try this recipe: live in Mountains.

REV is, with unwavering confidence and enthusiasm, aiming to reviving Eco-Tourism, conducing to good health, especially in Mount Lebanon. REV is also aspiring to help resolving major Lebanese tourism and business discrepancies that are hindering its advancement towards reclaiming, anew, its past justified and merited position as Middle East's privileged Tourism and Business focal center.