How you can become an REV "Partner"

Regarding our "Partnership-formula", REV does not impose on its "Partners" any conditions or budget. "Partner" alone decides work conditions.

"Partner" and REV will together discuss and select appropriate product(s) and/or service(s) that can be marketed by REV in Middle East.

REV is interested to identifying and working with "Long-Term-Partners". Consequently, our willingness to meeting with you, free of any charge or commitment to you, to discuss and asses your company's long term Middle East business approach and strategy.

After such an approach, your company will have all required elements to enable it to decide whether it is profitable, or Not, to opt becoming an REV "Partner".

Conditions and cost will be discussed individually with each company and a written, "Custom-Tailored Offer", will be submitted for your consideration and approval.

REV’s "Custom-Tailored Offer":

First step: Free of any fees, charges or commitment meeting and discussing with your company.

Second step: Company communicates to REV written detailed description of company's long term Middle East strategy and requirement(s).

Third step: REV presents company with a detailed "Custom-Tailored-Offer" containing:

  • REV will evaluate company's strategy and proposed products market and business viability, or germinating under favorable conditions, of submitted strategy.
  • REV will accept company strategy and "Partnership". Terms, conditions, duration and cost will be submitted to company. or,
  • REV will reject company participation as "Partner".
  • In return REV will present company a written "Counter Proposal".
  • Company will either accept, or reject REV "Counter Proposal".

  • REV different BOTs:

    A. REV Lower Parcel BOT: To view, [Click Here]

    B. REV Lower Parcel BOT:

    A. REV Lower Parcel
    A. - A. REV Water Resources
    A. - B. REV Electricity Resources

    A. - 1. REV Ruwayha Palace Hotel - BOT
    A. - 2. REV Amphitheater - BOT
    A. - 3. REV Furnished Apartments - Rental
    a. Two Large Apartments
    b. Two Medium Apartments
    c. Rental Conditions

    A. - 3- a. REV unfinished Outdoor Exclusive Restaurant & its Kitchen
    A. - 4. REV unfinished eight Furnished Apartments
    A. - 5. REV Lebanese Diaspora Camping
    A. - 6. REV Restaurants, Reception & Wedding Facilities
    A. - 7. REV Outdoor Splash Swimming Pool
    A. - 8. Al-Jabal International Festival - Organized by Gassan Rahbani
    A. - 9. REV 365 Days All Year Round, Different Products, Exhibition
    A. - 10. REV Furnished Apartments & Conference Complex

    For more details and information please contact:
    Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha - REV Owner